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Today Skopje is a modern city, capital of the independent Republic of Macedonia. An urban city with unspoken and senseless decisions, as if it is a town lying on another town. The clash of the old and new streets and different cultures are intertwined so strangely, that we believe tourists will find wandering around the city as a very interesting activity, and in this way they will reveal the coffers of cultural goods and the brilliance of the ingenious builders. In Skopje you can sit on a stone and not notice that it is part of a former magnificent building. In the old part of the city there are archaeological layers up to 6 m depth. Not coincidentally, Skopje is a place of stratified cultures.

He is at the crossroads of the axes East - West (Asian) and north - south (European) and has always been a place of events, struggles and dialogues. The space exudes and talks, and the time is here somehow unimportant, an ideal refuge for diverse cultures, available for all contrasts, a little bit sleepy, but extremely open. Skopje accepts you, relaxes you and suddenly you are aware of transience. A strange city, easy-going in his fortune, turned with its sunny face towards the guests, always kind and dear. The bridges over the river Vardar bind the left bank - the old city to its right bank. Wherever you go, you must see the Stone Bridge, it is splendid and majestic. Standing on the Stone Bridge you get information about Skopje valley, which is 245 meters above sea level. There is the mountain Vodno to the south and Skopska Crna Gora to the north. The mountain Suva Gora is located southwest, and behind it there is the amazing Sjar Planina. Vardar flows noisily, rushing towards the Aegean Sea.

Welcome to the shelter of civilisation!

A guide through the characteristics of the
various cultures in Skopje,

Olga Cјolancјeska,
Society Urbis, 2001, Skopje

Notable people from Skopje:
-      Mother Teresa, humanitarian
-      Milcјo Mancјevski, film director
-      Darko Pancјev, former footballer
-      Simon Trpcјevski, pianist
-      Srgjan Kerim, former UN General Assembly president
-      Yahya Kemal Beyatli, poet and diplomat