Courses & Programes

School for Macedonian language for foreigners; Summer school of Macedonian for foreigners. Intensive summer courses of Macedonian for foreigners. Courses of Macedonian language for foreigners; Courses of Macedonian for foreigners for basic/elementary level, intermediate level, advanced level; Study Macedonian as a foreign; Study Macedonian in Skopje, Macedonia; Learn Macedonian online; Macedonian for foreignersIntensive courses are held with 3 hours per day or 15 hours per week or 2 hours per day or 10 hours per week. The courses are group courses where the maximum number of students are 2-10 visitors, and individual courses. We also maintain non-intensive courses with 2+2 hours per week and 2+2+2 hours per week. The courses we offer are for elementary level for absolute beginners, intermediate level and advanced level.

In summer period we perform summer courses in June, July and August. In the summer period we keep intensive courses, each working day and non-intensive courses twice or three times per week, depending on your needs and desires. In the summer period we also, offer individual courses with the opportunity to choose the date for the start of the course and group courses from at least three listeners.

In our School for Macedonian language for foreigners "Ananija" we hold Additional Macedonian language lessons for high-school students and primary schoоlers. We offer preparation for External tests, tests for Macedonian language, Final exams in Macedonian language, or preparation for Graduation. We write essays and preparation for written exams.

In our School you have the opportunity to choose the place of holding the teaching, at your home, at your job place, or here at the School.

For those who are unable to come in Macedonia, in our School we offer the ability to maintain online classes via SKYPE.

We offer discounts of 8% for more then 20 lessons per month. We also offer a 8% discount for a second and third family member.

Since their arrival, students who are not beginners are tested and placed in classes according to their level and needs. A lesson hour lasts 45 or 60 minutes. Classes are held from Monday to Friday every week of the year.

We perform purification or editing, at the standard Macedonian language of all types of texts: diploma works, master's and doctoral theses, research papers, books, beautiful literature, scientific literature, Christian literature, daily, periodic and monthly newspapers or all kind of texts that is publishing in the Republic of Macedonia.

Macedonian language school for foreigners - Ananija is closed during the Public and Orthodox holidays of the Republic of Macedonia: 8 September, 11 October, 23 October, 8 December, Christmas, 19 January, Easter, 2 May, 24 May, Pentecost, 2 August. If the holiday is on Sunday it is not work the next day. It closed during the Christmas holidays from 28 December to 8 January and during the summer holidays from 22 August to 2 September.