Who are we?

School for Macedonian language for foreigners - Ananija; School of Macedonian Language as a foreign - AnanijaThe School for Macedonian Language for foreigners Ananija is the first specialised private language school where standard Macedonian language is taught as a foreign language. The idea of establishing the school Ananija was born because of the need for such a specialised school for Macedonian language, and the lack of the same.

So far foreign speakers have learned the Macedonian language in private conditions, beyond any educational institution or in schools for foreign languages if a particular number of listeners-foreigners decide to take the course. According to our research, the ways of learning the Macedonian language as a foreign language mentioned above could not meet market needs.

Employees in diplomatic and foreign missions in the Republic of Macedonia with their families, now have the opportunity to learn the Macedonian language in institutional conditions right here in Skopje, in their immediate vicinity. Foreign students who are studying or intend to study at universities in the Republic of Macedonia now have the opportunity to learn the Macedonian language, attending our courses on a daily basis, and being able to attend lectures in Macedonian language without problems. Students who attend classes in Macedonian language at universities abroad now have the opportunity to come to Macedonia, in our school, attend classes in Macedonian language with the opportunity to practice the Macedonian language.

Tourists-lovers of languages now visiting Macedonia, at the same time can learn the Macedonian language. Macedonians from the diaspora are also welcome to our school where they could learn the language of their ancestors in the land of their forefathers. High-school students and primary schoolers who need extra classes in Macedonian language to prepare for exams, external exams and State Matura are also welcome.

Because of the need imposed by the law for Macedonian language, all written texts in Macedonian language printed out must be proofread, in other words, it is compulsory for all texts printed out in the Republic of Macedonia to be written in standard Macedonian language. Therefore, in our school we also provide proofreading services for any kind of texts by a certified Macedonian proofreader.

In October 2015 when the First school for learning the Macedonian language as foreign began operating, we had remarkable success and the School start working with many schoolars, lovers of the Macedonian language. Teaching followed and successfully completed the students from America, Georgia, Romania, Estonia, Germany and China.