School for Macedonian language for foreigners - Ananija; School of Macedonian language as a foreign - AnanijaThe International School for Macedonian language for foreigners is the first private school specialised for learning Macedonian language as a foreign language.

We use textbooks written by University Professors at the Department of Macedonian and South Slavic languages. Also part of the textbooks used for teaching at this school are made according to the European standards and during the TEMPUS Program Project, under the authority of the European Commission at the Faculty of Philology "Blaze Koneski", Department of Macedonian and South Slavic languages.

The professor who teaches at the school is trained exactly in the TEMPUS Program. We use a communicative approach to teaching Macedonian language. The lectures that we hold in our school are according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: learning, teaching and assessment at the Council of Europe, Department of Modern Languages, Strasbourg. The language is never taken out of context. Grammatical, phonological, lexical and all other features of the actual language usage in everyday situations are applied.

A wide range of source material is used, giving students valuable information about today's Macedonian culture and society at the same time, as well as developing authentic linguistic and communicative skills. Among the main techniques and methods are: communicative tasks, group work, and dramatization. The emphasis is placed more on activating students than passive acceptance.

Тhe school “Ananija” is recognized by the state and use textbooks made at the State University on the National Department of Macedonian Language, according to European reference framework for modern languages. Upon completion of the lessons students receive a Certificate for completed level, and excellent preparation for the exam TEMAK on the State University, Department of Macedonian Language.